Jenya Lugina

Producer, DP & Animator*

How do you create lift at Fifteen Degrees?

By connecting the dots – assessing a project and deciding on the most effective way to achieve the results desired. I employ both technology and creativity to find solutions.

How do you create lift outside of Fifteen Degrees?

I learn ridiculously impossible computer programs and build virtual reality rigs in my spare time.

What brands have you created lift for?

Gazprom International, Olives from Spain, Westchester Tourism, Cheeses of Europe, MTV, Goldcrest Films, Uproar, Def Jam Records, HAVAS,  Pfizer, Merck, Sanofi Aventis,,  Johns Hopkins Hospital,  Gazprom, Hasbro, Madison Square Garden

*Jenya is the owner of Fresh Render Inc. and as a freelancer regularly serves as a member of the Fifteen Degrees team.