How did we help a group of translators become one of Russia’s Top 20 Translation Companies in less than a year?


Nedra Publishers (one of Russia’s oldest and most respected) wanted to re-brand and promote its translation division. Close collaboration with our client led us to the creation of the “Mercedes S-Class” of translation companies. We branded their process, designed a Nedra seal of authentication, created video content and housed it all in a comprehensive website which communicated their uncommon dedication to “Excellence in the art of translation.”

Campaign Elements: Brand identity, tagline, multimedia dual-language website, digital video content, infographic animations.

Campaign Performance:

Within the first eight months of our branding efforts. the Nedra Translation Agency was awarded “Top 20 Russian Translation Agency” by the ATA (American Translators Association). Nedra also secured partnerships with 4 major international translation associations (which serve as brokers), including: Union of Translators of Russia, European Language Industry Association, Globalization and Localization Association, and American Translation Association.