How did we help a local bank attract millennials?


Millennials think of Ridgewood as “a friendly local bank,” but when interviewed are surprised to find that Ridgewood has all the bells (products & ATM network) and whistles (mobile and digital access) of the big banks like Citi and Chase. To play up Ridgewood’s big-bank features, we introduced “Switch the Squirrel,” a fiestly little brand ambassador who’s huge on banking with Ridgewood.

Campaign Elements: TV commercials, pre-roll, responsive mobile-friendly website, online banners, print, PR, radio, in-branch posters.

Campaign Performance:

The campaign was deemed a major success by Ridgewood’s marketing director and the head of retail banking. The board approved additional funding and the campaign continues beyond its original scope.

During the course of the campaign:

  • 31% increase in online applications (year over year)
  • 34,055 unique visitors to the site
  • 13% of visitors clicked through to the main Ridgewood Bank site
  • 2X average session (time spent on the site was double the industry average)