Reviving Ridgewood: Reconnecting with the Community’s Banking Identity Through ‘Multiply the Good’

After years of inconsistent branding, Ridgewood’s identity as a community bank that was formed “by the people and for the people” had become lost. Working closely with our client, we established a new tagline for the bank: “Multiply the good.” The tagline hinted at monetary growth, while also playing to their three core values: 1) multiply the good in banking, 2) multiply the good in life, and 3) multiply the good in the community.

Campaign Elements: Brand Identity, mission & tagline development, TV commercials, pre-roll, OOH, online ads, print, in-branch posters, complete website redesign and copywriting, brochures, radio.



Campaign Performance:

From an independent study conducted by ABC:

  • 92% of viewers responded “likely” or “more likely” to consider banking at Ridgewood.
  • 12-18% above financial industry averages in “overall reaction,” “believability,” and “appeal of copy.”

From a customer e-mail survey:

  • 11% increase in “positive perception” by current customers