TV Campaign Highlights the Positives in Banking


New York, NY [Monday, September 23, 2013] – “It’s not often that a bank makes you feel good about life,” said Mac McLaurin, cofounder and Creative Director of Fifteen Degrees Advertising, “but this one really does.”

Signed off by their new tagline, multiply the good, Ridgewood’s new campaign is led by an emotional TV spot. The commercial reminds the viewer that life is a culmination of financial decisions, decisions that ultimately form a unique and beautiful story for each one of us.


Secondly, a tactical component of the campaign highlights some of the bank’s unique checking account features. TV commercials, print advertising, Web banners and in-branch posters work together to make current Ridgewood Checking Account customers feel special, while also informing potential customers of the advantages of banking with Ridgewood – subtly suggesting that they may want to “join the club.”


“Ridgewood Savings Bank was founded in 1921, by a small group of hard working people who wanted a bank that would better serve their community,” said Rich Clarke, cofounder and Director of Account Services at 15º. “As luck would have it, they opened their doors shortly before The Great Depression, but they made it through and today they are the largest mutual savings bank in New York. The bank itself is a true New York story and we’re proud to be the one’s entrusted to tell it.”

The campaign breaks today and is slated to run well into 2014.