In the Digital Age, UX Guides Our Blog.

by Mac McLaurin, Co-founder, Director Creative & Strategy, 15º

Aug 2

Pretty much everything we do here at Fifteen Degrees is aimed at getting people to experience something on the Web. From cooking videos, to interactive Web sites, to apps, we work each and every day to inform, persuade, and entertain online. Just a few short years ago, ad agencies could run a TV commercial or place an ad in a magazine and expect to draw a straight line back to a sale. Today most advertising is designed to drive consumers straight to the Web.

That said, as caretakers of our client’s brands, once a consumer lands on our site, it’s our job to hold their hand, delight them, and guide them through our brand’s story.

The following article by Rebecca Ussai (who once collaborated with legendary Disney animator Glen Keane on a panel at SXSW) changed my thinking on this subject and has served me well in my day to day work on designing for the Web.

I hope you enjoy and benefit from it as much as I did. Here’s the link.