“NY’s Largest Savings Bank Teams with 15º


New York, NY [Monday, May 15, 2013] – As consumer sentiment toward local, community-based businesses continues to grow throughout the U.S., Fifteen Degrees plans to tap this trend with a campaign designed to strengthen and grow Ridgewood Savings Bank’s loyal customer base.

“As far as brands go, Ridgewood has the perfect DNA to capitalize on this trend,” said Mac McLaurin, Co-owner and Chief Creative Officer of Fifteen Degrees. “They have a great story and there’s a real honesty in their community message.”

In 1920, a group of fourteen local Ridgewood residents got together with the idea of forming a new mutual savings institution to serve the people of their community. Working purely towards the common good and without regard for personal gain, our founders had high hopes for the success of the bank formed “for the people, by the people.”

Today, Ridgewood has 35 branches covering Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, Suffolk, Nassau, Manhattan and Westchester counties.

The new campaign is set to break in the fall.