15 Degrees Cuts the Cheese (Part Deux)

squaw valley COE pitch

Paris, France [February 8, 2017] Following an EU-mandated review, the Cheeses of Europe account, has again been awarded to Fifteen Degrees. “There’s no better cheese in the world. It’s not even close.” said Mac McLaurin, Fifteen Degrees’ co-founder and director of strategy and creative. Our original campaign, “Make it Magnifique,” was a success by every measure. Our new campaign uses the same theme and builds on that equity.”

The pitch took place in Squaw Valley, CA (pitch team pictured just after). The new contract is slated to begin in 2018 and run through 2020.

Fifteen Degrees originally won the account in 2013, and was awarded a 3-year contract from 2014-2016. This year, they continue to work with Cniel (the umbrella organization for the French dairy industry), and the Cheeses of Europe brand, until the new campaign breaks in 2018.

“The cheese makers we represent with this account continue traditions that have been in place since the late 18th century. We’re proud to be working for them,” said Rich Clarke, co-founder and director of account services. “And the good news is: our work this time around is even better than the last. 2018 can’t come fast enough.”