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15˚ FAQs

What do we do?

We create lift. We specialize in emotional branding campaigns, tactical Web-based promotions, and social media enchantment. Our passion lies in helping clients lift awareness, lift sales, and lift brand engagement. (See below for our list of services.)

Why the name Fifteen Degrees?

Fifteen degrees is the angle of an airplane’s wing. It’s this angle that creates lift and allows the plane to achieve flight (also known as the angle of attack). Besides that, we think it’s a cool number.

What’s our mission statement?

Mission statements are long, boring and forgettable. Which is why we don’t have one. Instead, we simply added a few words to our tagline to form this mantra:

Create. Lift. Quickly, efficiently and passionately.

What are our capabilities?

At Fifteen Degrees, we like to say we’re “media agnostic,” which means we utilize whichever media or medium works best to create lift for your brand: Video. Web sites. Social media. Print. Direct response. Outdoor. Mobile. Public Relations. Events. Promotions. And the list keeps growing…

Where are we located?

We’re headquartered in the heart of New York City’s vibrant Flatiron District. Our address is very taxi-friendly at 27 East 21st Street (between Park Avenue and Broadway). We’re close to the N, R, 4, 5, and 6 subway lines, and just a short walk from both Madison Square and Union Square parks. Our latitude and longitude are: 40.739558, -73.988697.

What’s our history?

Our roots date back to 1965, when George P. Clarke founded Clarke Advertising. Specializing in the automotive and financial industries, Clarke Advertising became extremely successful, propelling major brands including Mobil Oil, Hertz, Hankook Tire, Dime Savings Bank, and Apple Bank. In 1995 George passed the reins to his son, Richard Clarke. Under Rich’s leadership, Clarke Advertising continued to thrive, broadening its client base with brands like DoubleClick, Trinitas Hospital, New York Community Bank, and FedEx. By chance, in 2009, Rich met Michael ‘Mac’ McLaurin, a creative director who’d spent the last 13 years sharpening his talents working side-by-side with advertising legends Jerry Della Femina and Diane Rothschild in Manhattan. Mac’s experience in creating image campaigns for iconic brands like Toshiba, AT&T, Standard & Poor’s, Honda and Carvel Ice Cream was a natural complement to Rich’s strategic insight and database marketing expertise. In the coming months Rich and Mac formed a friendship, often exchanging ideas on building a new kind of agency. An agency that would be focused on one, and only one, thing: creating lift, quickly and efficiently. On July 1st, 2011, that idea became a reality, in the form of Fifteen Degrees.

Is Clarke Advertising still around?

In a word, no. Clarke Advertising has been reinvented (and renamed) to form Fifteen Degrees. But rest assured, the service and expertise you’ve always come to rely on from Rich Clarke and his team are still available – now with added energy and purpose ­– at Fifteen Degrees.